The Catacombs of Priscilla  are the destination of many pilgrims who live or travel to Rome to celebrate their faith and visit places that are holy and important for the history of the Church. This is the reason why our staff, apart from guided tours, make two special places available  for small and big groups that want to celebrate together or have a moment of prayer and catechesis in a space full of history, holiness, spirituality.


Actual building stands on the foundations of the ancient basilica of the 4th century, that was erected above the catacombs, with a strong relation with the tomb of eponymous Pope Sylvester (306-335). It was maybe Sylvester himself to ask for such a cultual space in honour of the main martyrs and saints of Priscilla, i.e. Felix and Philip, Saint Siricius Pope (399) the same Sylvester and “many other saints” buried in the galleries, as proven by medieval itineraries. The presence of all these martyrs, Pope Sylvester and other six bishops of Rome brought many pilgrims to Priscilla  and its basilica through the centuries. What they most wanted was to celebrate the mass close to venerated saints. This place, historically and spiritually crucial, is still a true attraction for believers from all over the world.

The basilica can host 120 people max. (seated)


The area of the so-called Hypogeum of the Acilii is particularly important, due to its connection with the Basilica of Saint Sylvester and to its probable proximity to the tombs of Crescentione and Pope Marcellinus. Some scholars think that even the original tombs of the martyrs Felix and Philip were in this area, before they were moved inside the Basilica. This hypogeum takes its name from the numerous inscriptions found there during the excavations in the 19th century: the inscriptions originally were on the coffins of the aristocratic family of Acilii Glabrionii, probably the possessor of the funeral area existing before the catacombs. This is now a special place for liturgical aims,  very close to the tombs of the saints, where it is possible to pray and celebrate the mass.

The Hypogeum of Acilii is equipped for 20 people max. (seated)