Benedictine of Priscilla

They take the name of Priscilla from the place where the congregation began, founded by Giulio Belvederi – a priest of Bologna, but also archaeologist and man of profound spirituality, called to Rome by Pope Pius XI for the construction of the Pontifical Institute of Christian Archeology, the guardian houses of the catacombs that they were open to the public, and to bring Christians closer to these testimonies of the primitive faith and revive them in charity. He gave to his daughters, as a life guide, the Benedictine rule as the most adherent to the spirit of the Gospel and to the apostolic life in its simplicity. Prayer and work, life centered on the praise of God in the celebration of Mass and the Divine Office; work at the service of the Church carried out in the context of the religious house in the humility and joy of a truly fraternal life.